Tookii things to do with kids with sheep heart and kidneys one of the activities for kids

Nope! Not for Me!

Educational things to do with kids can also include food.

This is a heart and kidneys from a sheep. So if you ever wondered what they might look like – wonder no more. You’re welcome! lol

Tookii holding sheep organs
Tookii holding a sheeps heart and kidneys

My Puppa brought these home from his work and tried to convince me that they were to eat for tea and I was horrified! YUCK!

Thankfully he didn’t mean for us to eat them and after he had his fun torturing me he finally admitted that they were for the cat to eat for tea. Phew!!

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7 thoughts on “Nope! Not for Me!

  1. well, Tookii ( what a wonderful name, by the way), I am doing my best to be vegan so I do agree with you.
    I am an Elder lady and it is a delight to find a young person being so very amazing.
    I am really finding it very difficult to learn to do all the wonderful things that can be done on computers these days.
    I am honoured that you chose to ‘follow’ one of my blogs ( am still really learning how to do the blogging!).

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  2. What an amazing young gal you are to storm ahead into the world of entrepreneurship! You are miles ahead of your class mates and it will take you far in life!
    #1 need for road to success = Support!
    Your on your way!

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