Tookii things to do with kids eating crabs one of the summer activities for kids

Fresh Crabs

Things to do with kids at the beach can include catching and cooking your own food.

Here I am sitting on a beach eating freshly caught and cooked crabs. They are good eating if you can get inside the shell to the meat. We hear a lot of people say “how do you get your crabs so good”? They complain about all of the legs falling off when they cook their crabs and the crabs being mushy and such. Here’s what we do: (these are blue swimmer crabs by the way).

A block of ice in the bottom of the tub or esky where the crabs will go once they are caught.

Tookii eating crabs
Camping and eating crabs

Fill a large jerrycan (or such container) with sea water and take it home with you to cook and clean your crabs with.

Wait for your crabs to die before you cook them (they will throw their legs if they are still alive when they go in the hot water). This ruins the experience if you have crabs with no legs. This is also lessened by the fact that they have been on ice since caught.

Prepare a tub with sea water and ice.

Bring sea water to boil and place crabs in upside-down and cook for 7-8 minutes.

Take crabs out of boiling water and place them directly into the ice water tub you prepared earlier. This will stop the cooking process immediately and begin the meat setting. They will be cool enough to clean now.

Tookii eating blue swimmer crabs
Eating tea from the sea by the sea

Prepare trash tub or bucket for the discarded shells and a fresh tub of sea water for cleaning the crabs.

Shell by removing the back etc and put shell into discard bucket and put crab upside-down into fresh sea water tub and shake vigorously to clean. Lay crab upside down on drying rack until all are shelled and cleaned.

Fridge for at least a couple of hours for meat to set (upside-down). Enjoy!

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