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A Plant called Lucky

Sensible things to do with kids include growing and harvesting food.

One day my Puppa said to my Nanna “when you come home from town don’t park your car in the usual place”. “Ok but why”? said Nanna. Puppa explained that there was a tomato plant (well just a little shoot really about 7 cm tall) growing up through the gravel under her car.

Tookii picking tomatoes
Tookii picking tomatoes from Lucky

We couldn’t believe it! Here was this baby plant growing up through the hardest dirt and gravel, where a car parks, where nothing else grows – ever! Oh and where could it possibly have come from to be growing there out of the blue?

Puppa translated the baby tomato plant from the front driveway to the garden out the back and we named the plant Lucky. In only a couple of days it grew a lot and it kept growing. It was like it had turned on the turbo to grow up through the hard dirt and gravel out the front that now in the soft garden dirt it just went ballistic.

tomatoes from Lucky
Lucky does us proud

Very quickly it grew so many tomatoes and was still growing so quickly that puppa had to tie it to the fruit trees that were around it – to keep it up.

You can see Lucky in the photos and some of the yummy tomatoes that Lucky gave to us.

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4 thoughts on “A Plant called Lucky

  1. Tooki, your wonderful stories continue to delight me so that each time I actually have a tear or two of joy!
    I do so know how strong and how helpful the plant beings can be!
    Bless you again for your amazing ability to communicate in such a truly empathic, sweet and interesting way. Ellah.

    Liked by 1 person

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