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The Odd Couple

Visit a farm is one of the things to do with kids that I often recommend. I LOVE visiting farms and I LOVE animals! Activities for kids that include animals are some of the best things to do with kids and visiting a farm is fun for kids. Today’s story has a little twist from the usual farm blogs though.

This is beautiful Bella and as you can see Bella is a horse.

Tookii with Bella the horse
Tookii with Bella

… and this is Coco and as you can see Coco is quite obviously a sheep.

(do not know what I’m trying to be here however? An Egyptian?) lol

Coco the sheep
Tookii with Coco

Now I don’t speak horse or sheep well enough to ask either Coco or Bella if they are actually a ‘couple’ but they most certainly are the very best of friends.

Tookii with horse and sheep
Bella, Coco and Tookii

It’s unusual that a sheep has a relationship with a horse and especially as close as these two. They spend every minute with each other and can’t stand to be apart, they fret for each other if anyone tries to split them up.

It’s so sweet to watch them together and they made a big impression on me that I just had to share this odd couple with you.

Do you know an odd couple? What is the oddest couple you have heard of?

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