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Watermelon at the Beach

We can’t talk about things to do with kids without talking about snacks. If you don’t feed us when we’re hungry, we morph in to grumpy monster but what you need is snacks that travel well to any activity.

I love the beach and I go everyday that I can get there. I like to keep things simple and easy, especially on those days when we just think “right lets jump in and go to the beach”, not planned and no time to lose. I just pop on my bathers (swimsuit) and thongs (flipflops) grab my towel and sunscreen and I’m ready to go. But …

perfect beach snack
Watermelon at the beach

It’s great to grab something to eat too, because we stay as long as we can and I might get hungry.

The answer? Watermelon.

Yep! A whole Watermelon because it’s easy to transport a whole Watermelon with no mess or fuss or packaging or esky (portable ice box) required. We can just cut it up when we get to the beach. It doesn’t matter how messy you get because you can just rinse off in the water when you’re done.

Watermelon is a healthy snack and it doesn’t make me feel too full in the belly so I can still run, play and swim and not get a stitch. It’s also a food and drink in one. BOOM !

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