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Phones for Kids?

Some things to do with kids are up for debate and mobile devices are certainly a big one now.

There is hot debate about kids being issued with a mobile phone. Arguments range from safety to addiction and everything in between. It’s all true, it’s all real and your opinion will depend on your circumstance.

I am not going to enter the debate but, what I do is provide a kids point of view on things and so here’s mine on this …

I blog about activities, products and experiences for children and families. I cannot do this if I am glued to a mobile phone.

Tookii with her first kids mobile phone
Tookii with her first mobile phone

I think kids shouldn’t really have phones. Particularly not as a status symbol, because others have them, or as another toy. As kids we need to learn to find confidence and fun and value within ourselves first I think, not in things.

I have a phone that I don’t really use unless I’m going somewhere. I will use it if I need to get in contact with mum, or vice versa, like when I’m ready to be picked up for example. But people have survived without them before now so I choose to limit my phone use and enjoy my childhood.

I guess I’m saying a phone is a tool, a convenience, not a lifestyle, and this especially should be so for us kids. But I include parents and the example they set with their mobile phone use. I do not like seeing parents glued to their mobile phone while their child is talking to them, it tells us kids that whatever is on the phone is more important than we are. I hear them say “I’m multi tasking”. I say “Just because you can – doesn’t mean you should”.

Please think about the messages you are sending and the communication skills that children won’t learn. As kids we accept it, kids younger than me don’t really know any different, but we like it better when you take notice of us and talk to us.

What about you? What is your situation and feelings on this topic?

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