Tookii things to do with kids with sparklers one of the outdoor activities for kids

Sparkler Fun

One of the special things to do with kids is watching fireworks, or celebrating with poppers, streamers and …

Do you know what can be fun for kids on a festive occasion? Sparklers!

I’m just going to say right from the top here that you must have an adults permission for your safety and preferably adult supervision and an adult to light the sparklers. You may get a piece of lit sparkler touch your hand or skin and it might feel like a bite – if you don’t like that idea then this is not for you but, if you do go ahead and try it and you do get a hot spark touch you – be sure you cannot throw your sparkler into anything that will start a fire easily. I recommend doing this outside standing on dirt, paving, cement or anyplace that is fire resistant. Better safe than sorry!

I like to use two sparklers at once, one in each hand, because I like to get creative and dance and create effects. I pretend the sparklers are anything from cheer-leading pom poms to poi. But I wasn’t always so comfortable with them. I used to just stand there with one and watch it and then I would drop it in the dirt before it got to the end because I didn’t like it getting close to my fingers.

I used to think they were magic. Now I enjoy a few seconds of creative time with them a couple of times a year when I’m feeling festive. That way they are still special.

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