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What to Wear? Dressing for the Stage

Things to do with kids can mean different things for different people. Some kids do different activities than other kids. For some kids performing on stage is a thing that they do.

I have been doing bits of things on stage for longer than I can remember and although I am certainly not a master of the stage, and am still very much the student, I can understand how frustrating it is for kids and parents, who are facing the first stage performance, to decide on what is right for kids to wear on stage. I hope I can help you a little.

Usually, a childs first performance is a school play or some type of dance production where the costumes are pre-decided for you. But this was not my experience and if we have this in common then this blog is for you.

Tookii dressed ready to sing
Tookii dressed ready to open the show

I would always suggest dressing in age-appropriate clothing, jewellery, shoes, hair and make-up with all items clean and in good repair. Other than that here is a short list to avoid some unnecessary embarrassments.

  • If you are going to be up on a stage wearing a skirt or dress, make sure that it is not too short. Clothing that is too revealing may cause your audience to be embarrassed and look away from you. You will struggle to make a connection with the audience if they are not wanting to look at you.
  • If you are performing seated or sit throughout your performance at any time, also check the length of your skirt. (as previous). And keep your knees or ankles together.
  • Don’t go and buy the biggest, flashiest shoes for your first performance. Most people, as they are about to go on, wish they could kick them off. You need to be able to move effortlessly and silently and negotiate any stairs if dismounting the stage. Check for noise on a hard floor and remember that up on a stage with microphones any noise may be even more distracting for you and your audience. Also nerves can make your legs shaky so don’t go super high heels until you have your nerves under control.
  • Also be mindful of slippery shoes. New shoes with smooth soles can be scuffed up to provide more grip – just rub them hard against rough concrete or such.
  • Ensure you are able to function with your outfit on and can breath and complete any actions required and that nothing will distract you from your performance like a loose strap or a skirt so long that your foot gets stuck going up stairs (for example).
  • If you are performing outside it may be best to tie your hair back to avoid any unflattering moments due to wind. Light, floating skirts and tops will also apply here but can be weighted down by placing small weights in the hem.

Keep it easy and remember you have to be able to complete your first performance with some level of nerves, play it safe and just get the first performance under your belt.

I hope that helps a little, good luck.

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    1. Oh thank you but I really think that I just don’t really know any different, I’ve just always done it. Stage fright can make performing very difficult that’s for sure, you have given me an idea for another blog one day, thanks 🙂

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