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No way am I getting out alive!!

I guess it is inevitable that when you’re talking about things to do with kids, eventually you have to talk about the dentist. Not the most fun activity for kids to do that for sure.

The first time I went to the dentist I was scared out of my brain ! There was no good things about it, nothing anyone could say to make me feel better and, I was sure that it was all going to go very wrong in some way.

I would do ANY JOB to not have to go.

But there we were … in the dental surgery waiting for my name to be called by the executioner (lol).

I was even more nervous now, but I had my mum and my nanna with me and, they were being real with what they said to expect, so I thought ok, .. just let it happen.

kids first dentist appointment
Dentist and Dental Assistant

We went into the dentists room and she asked me to lay down on the dentists chair and she gave me some sun glasses to put on (because there was a big light above my face that helps the dentist see into my mouth but it can be bright to look at after a while).

I was still very nervous but I started to feel a little better when the dentist and her assistant started to talk to me and I began to realise that I could trust her. She would explain everything before she did anything and that made me feel less like the victim and more like the client (something unexpected when you are a kid). I felt that we were in this together and that helped me do my part.

at the kids dentist
in the dentist chair

I was very lucky with my first dentist and, if you are a parent, I would like to let you know that it really does make all the difference. Please do take the time to seek out a dentist that is recommended for their ability to help children gain a positive experience at the dentist.

I was in Port Lincoln when I required the dentist and my dentist this day was Lizzie Peglidis from the Port Lincoln Dental Clinic. I cannot recommend Lizzie highly enough as a dentist for us kids !! She is just awesome. She is nice and funny and cared about me and my teeth very much. I appreciated her patience with me and so did my Mum and my Nanna and she explained everything very well. She would warn me if something might hurt so I could be ready and, would count down for me so I knew how much longer to be brave for.

Lizzie the Dentist


Not only did I live to go shopping after my appointment but I learned how to clean my teeth properly and I made a new friend, Lizzie.

Read my blog Taking No Chances with the Tooth Fairy about another visit to Lizzie.

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2 thoughts on “No way am I getting out alive!!

  1. Thanks for sharing your story! When I was a kid (about a hundred years ago) I had a *very* bad dentist who was grumpy and impatient and would never wait for the Novocaine to take effect before he started drilling, so dental appointments were horrifying for me…not just as a child but all the way into adulthood. I didn’t go to the dentist for like 20 years at one point! I finally *had* to go and was *very* fortunate to find a new dentist who was very pleasant and patient and now I’m not afraid anymore. But you’re right, parents should be involved and take their children’s feelings into consideration when choosing a dentist.

    I look forward to reading more posts from you!


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