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The Happy Wanderer

You can’t blog about things to do with kids without experiencing activities for kids and that means some travel. I guess I travel quite a lot for a kid but I don’t mind at all. Not even when I’m having to cart all the luggage down those stairs.

Tookii with luggage
Tookii with luggage

I love getting out and seeing the world and having new experiences that I’ve never had before. I get to meet lots of nice people that are cool to hang out with and it’s great to make new friends and have some fun together.

I like all sorts of traveling but my favorite is probably road travel.

Tookii leaving hotel
Tookii leaving hotel

You can’t beat a road trip for quality time with family and you can see the coolest things and just decide to stop and have a look. You can see things up close and really learn about things and even talk to the locals who usually know the most about things. Gosh that was alot of ‘things’ lol. But sometimes it’s too far to drive and you just got to get there quick – and that’s ok too.

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