Tookii things to do with kids at Bounce Inc in Adelaide. one of the activities for kids

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

When you’re compiling an awesome things to do with kids list you can definitely put a trampoline park on that list and boy do I have one for you!

One Easter my Nanna told the whole family “just get her (me) ONE thing to eat for Easter !”

“If everyone just gets her one thing, that will be plenty of chocolate for just one little chook” she said (she calls me chook – “b-gurk” lol). And, instead of more chocolate Nanna bought me a ticket to Bounce Inc. for when we were going to be over in Adelaide.

So I got chocolate AND fun (and exercise) for Easter. And off we went to Adelaide.

It was my first time to Bounce Inc. but we found the building really easily and we quickly found a car park and went inside.

We went to the front desk and picked up my socks (you need special non-slip socks to Bounce). I think that Nanna had pre-paid for them online, along with my admission ticket. The socks are firm to put on and have stuff on the bottom (which you can see in the video) to stop the socks from being so slippery.

In we went.

It wasn’t very busy because we made sure that we went later at a time that was least busy but, apparently there is always somewhere for you to bounce. They only let so many people into each session to make sure of that. Later just suited us better.

I will say that it would be great with a friend or a group of friends and I think they even do parties. There’s a snack bar upstairs and I found the staff very friendly and helpful.

I have never owned a trampoline, so I wasn’t all that great at the tricks and stuff, but I had lots of fun and I even made a friend.

It was a great fun atmosphere with disco type music and parents could sit back and relax and watch. I think it is a great idea for physical activity that is super fun as well.

I will be back to Bounce Inc. in the future – that is for sure!

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