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Mum has gone mad! Mocktails for kids

This is a fun things to do with kids for a special occasion.

This is a non-alcoholic daiquiri aka a Mocktail (instead of a Cocktail – the alcoholic version).

A Daiquiri Mocktail
A Daiquiri Mocktail

Now, I’ve let you in on the secret right from the start but the first time that I had one of these – I was not so lucky.

We were out to dinner, nothing new there but, this time Mum gave me her drink to hold at the bar and carry back to the table for her (so I thought). It was a pretty drink with a special straw and an umbrella. But when we sat down I tried to give the drink back to Mum but, she said it was mine to drink.

Tookii drinking a mocktail
Tookii drinking a mocktail

I thought it was real and I thought my Mum had gone crazy for letting me drink alcohol haha.

Once I knew it was non-alcoholic I tasted it and it was “slurp-ilicious” and I felt very special and grown up.

Tookii enjoying her A Daiquiri mocktail
Tookii enjoying her A Daiquiri mocktail

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5 thoughts on “Mum has gone mad! Mocktails for kids

    1. What little girl doesn’t love getting dressed up and going out to dinner and this special touch just completes the feeling of being all grown up and a lady like mum. That’s how I felt 🙂

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  1. Tookii glad you enjoyed your drink!!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my How to make Plum Jam Biscuits. Love joining you and having fun! Keep up the fun, posts and adventures. 🙂 ❤ PS: For some reason I could not respond on google to say thanks.

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