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My First Piano Recital

Things to do with kids that allow them to perform is good practise at mastering nerves.

I would like to share with you my first ever piano recital.

I was seven years old, the first time my piano teacher asked me to take part in the annual recital, and I was very honored to be included.

I played two small pieces of music called ‘Mary had a little lamb’ and ‘Dance and clap’.

My piano teacher, Hou, accompanied me and I was glad that he did because it was a large audience with the venue filled with people.

Tookii with piano teacher Hou
Tookii with piano teacher Hou

I was nervous and I was glad to get through it but it was an amazing experience.

I love playing piano because it is fun and I am lucky to have such a wonderful teacher to help me learn and improve.

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5 thoughts on “My First Piano Recital

    1. oh thanks so much. Yes I’m still practicing infact I have my weekly lesson tonight. I hope to start singing and playing at the same time and also start putting all my music theory study to work and begin song writing. Thanks for commenting I’m happy you enjoyed it 🙂

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