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My Valentine

I would never blog about things to do with kids without including animals. As you probably know cats are my favorite! Activities for kids that include spending time with an animal are some of the best things to do with kids. If you’re lucky the cat won’t mind either.

My Valentine’s Day love is going to my loving kitty Teddy because he died from a snake bite yesterday and I miss him alot.

In the header photo he is about to get a boop on the nose (a gentle nose touch with my finger as I say “boop on the nose” to him) something I like to do and he didn’t seem to mind. Here is the last photo taken of Teddy …

Tookii and Teddy
Tookii and Teddy

He was studying music theory with me and by studying I mean studying my study snacks.

We named him Teddy but we ended up calling him Teddy Boo because when he was a little kitten he would hide behind something and ambush us with a big leaping starfish type of acrobatic move as we approached. Like if you were to jump out with your hands fully spread and say “boo” to someone only with arms and legs fully stretched as well.

He was super fuzzy and super cuddly but not so good with the listening to instruction and when we yelled to him to come to us he attacked the snake instead. Now snakes can’t easily bite cats on account of all their fuzz and stuff but it bit onto his lip where his fuzziness couldn’t help him. It was a baby snake so we thought he might make it through but he just stopped breathing after a while but at least we were there with him all the way.

RIP lovey Teddy Boo, I love you and you are my Valentine today xx

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6 thoughts on “My Valentine

    1. Thank you. Yes I do have wonderful memories, he was one of those personalities, and floppy, he would literally fall off the ledge trying to lean into a pat lol so many things, quite a character lol

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