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Cooking Kids. Cooking with kids and how to get away with it.

Cooking is a great thing to do as a kid. As you can see, I’ve liked cooking since I was quite young.

Cooking with kids is an easy and inexpensive activity that can be done at home and, when you’re done you get rewarded with yummy stuff to eat. Mum says “cooking is good to learn how food is made and how to wash the dishes and, that these things don’t just happen by magic.” lol

Tookii Cooking
Tookii Cooking

I have been cooking for as long as I can remember and I think the younger you want to start the better. Mum used to help me more when I was younger but I can do most things on my own now.

Tookii Cooking
Tookii Cooking

To start cooking with a young child I would recommend cookies as an option. You could even get a packet mix to just add milk and an egg and stir – perfect for younger children to start with.

You can even buy a ready made cookie dough for an even easier option to begin. With this you only need to cut slices and bake – no dishes or mess. Younger siblings can even play along with the fun with their own cooking station and cooking toys. It’s all just too cute for words!

Tookii Cooking
Tookii Cooking

However you make them…who can resist the smell of cookies baking in the oven and eating them while they’re still warm?

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10 thoughts on “Cooking Kids. Cooking with kids and how to get away with it.

  1. Someone gave my older daughter a Rachel Ray Children’s cookbook. She barely cracked the cover, BUT my younger daughter picked it right up and cooked from it until she was bored with the easy recipes. I think she was 11 or 12 when she graduated to just thumbing through my massive cookbook collection. Now at 16 she makes cioppino, lemon cream chicken and ravioli with pasta made from scratch. She just loves cooking and it had been a great bonding experience for us. Luckily, my older daughter married a guy who like to cook, so she has help in the kitchen. Enjoy! They grow up so fast!

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    1. Hi, Your daughter is very clever, I would like to cook like that. For me it is a fun activity that I love to do. I see you have a kitchen blog so I have followed you so you can inspire me with all your yummy recipes πŸ™‚

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