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12345 once I caught a fish alive

There are some things that you may already do that are also cool things to do with kids. Like fishing and even catching 😉 Bit of a fishing joke that but there isn’t anything quite like catching your very first fish.

Well actually, I didn’t catch a fish at all ! I caught a squid ! I saw dolphins and I almost (accidentally) went swimming, as you can see by the video.

Also; on the video I show you the squid jig that I used to catch my squid on my little fishing rod.

Tookii Fishing
Tookii Fishing

It was fun to make the squid dance on the line. I like cooked squid. I most like crumbed, fried squid rings (calamari rings). I don’t really like killing fish but they are nice to eat.

The squid squirted ink and changed colour when I caught it. This is a defense that it uses in the water to make them hard to see. They squirt the ink and swim away while the fish (who is trying to eat them) can’t see them. It also had some sort of bubble and black stuff on its neck.

Tookii Fishing
Tookii Fishing

It was scary when I thought I was going to fall into the water, but it’s also pretty funny lol.

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