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Hello world!

Disney's Frozen

I am Tookii (aka The Cub) blogging about all sorts of things to do with kids.
This is a quick note to help me get ready for my new blog, see how things work and to let you know that I will be blogging every weekday – once I get sorted that is lol.
This blog will be a diary type of thing covering my interests and adventures in the areas of

  • The Arts; music, acting and art
  • Fashion; modelling, clothing and beauty
  • Sports including my absolute favorite (snorkeling)
  • Free fun ideas both at home and outdoors and,
  • Reviews of books, movies, restuarants as well as activities and experiences and oooh so much more – just try and shut me up lol.


I’ll be right back. In the meantime visit my ‘ABOUT‘ page for more.

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4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Dear Tooki,
    You ARE an interesting young Lady. Your precocity reminds me of myself some years ago. I started doing Art at four, writing Poetry at eight, and selling said Art, as the youngest member of the city “Brush & Palette Club” at nine.

    However, as there was no internet [computers were huge room-sized affairs that sorted card data], I didn’t become real famous.

    I DO still write Poetry-though most is of the “narrative” style, and hope I’ve gotten better.[There’s a bunch at:

    But here’s one I picked out just for you-let me know what you thought.

    Wisdom – In Four Staves
    The Way

    The good seed is poured
    into the waiting earth, shared
    alike by sower and eater, seated
    in an eternal celebration
    of hope, rejoicing in the anticipation
    of summer rains, of warm sun,
    and the solstice moon, harbinger
    of the seasons due, for calves
    and lambs, for life anew, from womb
    and seed in endless repetition, to
    reunite once again at this table
    of remembrance, where we pour
    forth fresh seed, hope, and
    renewed expectations.



    She gathers and sings
    each autumn and spring
    embraced by the wood
    as a wise woman should.

    Balsams and Herbs
    with soft intoned words,
    Wort, Chamomile,
    Sage, Golden Seal,
    for Blessings and more,
    for the memory of Lore.



    The grasshopper considers the
    succulent green of a distant leaf,
    below which the solitary ant
    searches the scented trail in hope
    of fresh fallen crumbs dropped by
    the ever busy sparrow, who is watching
    the maiden nibbling her dark bread and cheese,
    but eyes the young woodsman laboring
    with ax and saw at the edge of the deep wood,
    from where all is watched over by
    the ever patient wolf.


    The Way

    Mother sings and spins,
    going out in every season,
    with her cloth, her
    honey and cheeses,
    her herbs and tarts,
    adept in all her arts, she
    builds her life, her home, her way.

    Father gathers grain and flax,
    and with his rod, his tools, and ax.
    He fills the larder
    and the spring house,
    is known of good repute, in the
    town, the market, and mill, as
    he builds his home, his way, his life.

    The child sits at the feet of
    Father and Mother, creating in
    his heart, fashioning with his
    diligent hands, his present and future
    dreams of his home, his way, his life.


    Written by R Andrew Ohge “Ric” aka Rex Dexter-Between 2003-2006

    Author’s Comments

    Four Views – Four Snap Shots – Four Scenes Written To Honor And Illustrate Wisdom – Will You-CAN You See It?

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  2. You are nominated to take part in :

    3 Day Quote Challenge Rules:

    Post 3 quotes a day,
    for 3 consecutive days,
    nominate 3 bloggers (new ones each day),
    and thank the person who nominated you!

    With all the loving-kindness I possess.


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